Favorite Omasi bracelet stacks

Discover our most popular bracelet stacks from Omasi and get inspiration for creating your own unique combination of personalized and accessory bracelets.

Explore these popular stacks to find your perfect combination of meaningful and stylish bracelets from Omasi.


Stack of Gold and Mother of Pearl

Personalise the bracelet Ania - in 14k Gold with a meaningful text or name. Add some extra love with Armas - Heart shaped arm candy made of shell beads. Another way to personalise is Eila - with text or name in 14k Gold. Popular on its own or in a stack is Graceful - Mother of pearl cross with 14k gold. Also available in Sterling Silver.


The Chunkier Arm Candy

Alternative eye-catcher to your stack is to go with Vera - Chunky Mother of pearl bracelet. And if you want a more descreet way to carry something meaningful with you is  Elsa - Mother of pearl letter bead. Also available in Sterling Silver.


Healing Howlite

Howlite crystals, known for their calming and stress-relieving properties in this Grace -bracelet, with hematite cross, also calms and connects with the root chakra for grounding, security, and safety.


Minimalistic touch

Hematite, a polished grey crystal with a mirror-like shine, calms and connects with the root chakra for grounding, security, and safety. Also available in 3mm Sterling Silver. Grouped here with Ania (without personalisation).


Elevate Your Summer Style with Color

Enhance your Omasi bracelets with our stunning Summer Resort Collection, crafted to add a splash of color and a touch of summer vibes to your accessory game. Get ready to make a statement this season!

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Bead Size Play: Perfect Bracelet Stacking

When creating a bracelet stack, explore the art of bead size variation. Omasi offers an array of 4mm and 3mm beads, while Armas and Vera boast larger sizes, allowing you to craft a captivating combination of your chouce.


Personalize. Stack. Create.

Omasi empowers you to personalize, stack, and create your own one-of-a-kind look. Express your individuality by adding personal touches to our exquisite bracelets. Each piece carries meaning and becomes a cherished part of your story. Discover the endless possibilities with Omasi and make your style truly unique.

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