About Us

I have always had a passion for bracelets and the way they can express who we are. It was my dream and greatest intention to provide custom made jewelry that truly celebrates what is meaningful to you, whether it be self-love, love of others, or any other personal meaning, maybe just simply to add some sparkle to your day.

I am so grateful to welcome you on this journey with me, to build your own celebration of love or style that you can twirl around your wrist. Each Omasi piece is designed to reflect what’s meaningful to you personally - in a form of expression that you can wear with pride. With a range of natural, precious, and semi-precious materials, each piece is not just beautiful, but also holds spiritual and healing properties.

I am always inspired by the stories behind each piece of jewelry we create, and it is an honor to be trusted with your special projects and memories. I promise to never take that trust for granted and to celebrate this privilege with every piece we make. I hope you will enjoy your Omasi jewelry as much I enjoyed to make it.