What does 14K Gold-Filled mean in jewelry?

What does 14K Gold-Filled mean in jewelry?

Omasi's gold jewelry is "14K gold-filled", i.e. precious metal filled with 14 carat gold. There are many different options on the market when it comes to gold jewelry. Among these options, 14-carat gold-filled jewelry stands out as a practical, durable and affordable choice, without a large financial investment. But what does "14k gold-filled" actually mean and how does it compare to other popular options such as gold-plated and solid gold versions?

What does 14K Gold-filled mean?

The secret of the 14-carat gold-filled jewelry is in its composition. Unlike solid gold jewelry, which is made entirely of precious metal, gold-filled jewelry consists of a metal core coated with a layer of 14-carat gold. This happens in a process where a thick gold alloy is attached to the metal core with the help of intense heat and pressure, guaranteeing a durable and long-lasting result. The gold layer bonds strongly to the metal core, so the gold surface does not wear away. 

The code or name "14K", i.e. 14 carats, indicates the purity of the gold layer used and constitutes 5 percent (1/20) of the total weight of the metal. In this context, 14 karat gold means that the alloy contains 58.3 percent pure gold mixed with other metals such as silver, copper or zinc for added strength and durability. This blend strikes the perfect balance between durability and affordability, making 14k gold-filled jewelry an attractive option for those looking for quality without the hefty price tag.

Gold-filled versus gold-plated and solid gold jewelry

Although 14-carat gold-filled jewelry is similar to the gold-plated and solid gold versions, there are still clear differences.

Gold-plated: Gold-plated jewelry consists of a thin layer of gold that is electrolytically coated on a metal surface, usually through a chemical or electrochemical process. Gold-plated jewelry is inexpensive, but the thin layer of gold wears away over time and reveals the metal core of the jewelry underneath. Gold-plated jewelry, depending on their quality, may turns the skin green once it starts to wear off and its duration varies between 6 and 24 months. The lifetime of gold-plated jewelry is shorter than that of 14k gold-filled jewelry, the surface of which does not wear off.

Solid Gold: Solid gold jewelry may have a higher degree of gold purity, but they do not have a metal core, so they contain a significantly higher proportion of gold compared to gold-filled or gold-plated alternatives. However, an all-gold piece of jewelry will be more expensive.

14 carat gold-filled jewelry: A combination of affordable and durable

The 14-carat gold-filled jewelry offers the perfect balance between affordability and durability. Gold-filled jewelry can withstand water, sweat, and perfume in the same way as solid gold jewelry without the big price tag. In addition, the durable structure of the 14-carat gold-filled jewelry guarantees a long service life, which makes them a smart choice for everyday use.

The gold jewelry within Omasi Collection features a 14K gold-filled composition

Omasi's 14-karat gold-filled jewelry is an attractive option for those who want classic golden accessories without a large financial investment and worry about their wear. With Omasi's gold jewelry, you complete your every day look and they are a lasting gift for a loved one, offering the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. When it comes to gold, opt for the durable and sustainable choice of 14-carat gold-filled jewelry from Omasi.

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